December:  The final report of the Jean Monnet Chair action was approved. This year's Cornell students were bidden farewell at an end-of-semester reception.

Prof John Geary, Dr Maria Belizon, Prof Roland Erne and the ILR class of 2019 at the reception in the Quinn School of Business.

September:  Roland Erne and Vincenzo Maccarrone led 12 Cornell students on a study trip to Florence (Italy) from 1-4 September.

May:  Costanza Galanti and Mary Naughton gave a presentation each at the UCD Graduate Research Student Symposium 2019 in the UCD Sutherland School of Law (Dublin, 2 May). On the same day, the call for applications for the Doctoral Fellowship within the ERC project closed.

Vincenzo Maccarrone delivered two presentations on the EU's new economic governance at the Historical Materialism Conference in Athens (Greece, 2-5 May) and the Department of Economics at the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia (Italy, 14 May).

Roland Erne contributed to the UCD SDGs Research Seminar Series 2019: #8 Decent Work and Economic Growth through a presentation entitled 'SDGs and their implementation: The tension between labour policy and politics' (Dublin, 14 May). Moreover, he was appointed Vertrauensdozent (Liaison Professor) by the Hans-Boeckler-Foundation's scholarship department, which grants scholarships to about 2,900 students every year on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. 

April:  Sabina Stan gave a presentation on the 'Impact of European policies on the privatisation of healthcare' at the conference 'Our Health Is Not For Sale! How to prevent health commercialisation and privatisation at EU level?' (Brussels, 2 Apr). The conference was live-streamed from the European Parliament.

Roland Erne was invited to the 20th Münchenwiler Retraite close to Berne (Switzerland, 5 Apr) and gave a presentation on his Transfer  article 'Direct Democracy and Trade Union Action'. The Retraite is an annual, policy-oriented labour relations conference organised by the Swiss union UNIA in conjunction with the Swiss Trade Union Confederation SGB-USS. He also made two contributions to the issue of flanking measures regarding equal pay for migrant workers which are threatened by the current draft Swiss-EU agreement. The contributions are available in the magazine of the Swiss Socialist Party (p. 13) and on the blog of the Institute of Economic and Social Research (WSI) of the German trade union-related Hans-Boeckler-Foundation (both 18 Apr).

March to June:  We hosted the UCD Spring Seminar Series Labour Politics and the EU's New Economic Governance Regime - From Horizontal to Vertical Governance?  We invited 4 guest speakers from Germany and the USA: Alexandra KAASCH, Christian JOERGES, Martin SEELEIB-KAISER, and Nicolas JABKO.

March:  The UCD HRM&ER Group became a member of a consortium of leading institutions, including the LSE, Cornell and Warwick University, that is organising an annual International Doctoral Workshop on Employment Relations. At this year's event at Warwick Business School (7-8 Mar), Vincenzo Maccarrone presented a PhD chapter on EU governance and Irish private sector industrial relations, while Roland Erne discussed two PhD chapters of students from SNS Florence and FAOS Copenhagen.

On 28 March, team members met President Higgins at the launch event of the UCD Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, which Roland Erne is member of the leadership team of. The President's speech Making a new Mind for Europe - Of the Discourse that we need  (video and text) was commented on by The Irish Times, The Express, and The Journal.

Le-Ri: Darragh Golden, Vincenzo Maccarrone, President Higgins, Imre Szabó


November:  Roland Erne (UCD) and James Gross (Cornell University) hosted a joint video conference seminar on Migrant workers' rights as human rights on 15 Nov. Roland Erne and Jamie Jordan led the 3-day long field trip to Brussels (Belgium) from 21-23 November. The group stayed at the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.

October:  On 11 October, we organised an international public seminar on the special issue 24-2, 2018 of the Sage journal Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research  entitled Trade unions and the polity: agendas and alliances.

September:  For the first time, Roland Erne and Vincenzo Maccarrone led a new study field trip to Florence (Italy, 1-4 September). The group was hosted by the CISL Study Center. Roland Erne was invited twice as a keynote speaker, namely to open the conference La fin d'un monde? Salariat, sundicats et politiques du travail face aux reformes liberales of the French Sociological Association (AFS) in Paris (France, 6 September) and at the Industrial Relations in Europe Conference IREC 2018 in Leuven (Belgium, 10-12 September). The ERC project team delivered first research findings in two panels on 11 September. As in the past years, Roland Erne was moreover invited to contribute a new chapter on 'Interest Groups' to the 2020 edition of the Oxford University Press textbook Comparative Politics. The textbook is a volume including some of the world's leading comparatists in political sciences.

July:  On 17 and 19 July respectively, Roland Erne and Sabina Stan gave a presentation at the International Sociological Association (ISA) World Congress of Sociology 2018 in Toronto (Canada, 15-21 July).

June:  Roland Erne and Jamie Jordan delivered a presentation at the UCD HRM & Employment Relations Research Seminar in the UCD Smurfit School of Business on 14 June.

May:  On 17 May, Roland Erne attended the annual meeting of the Network of the European Masters in Labour Studies at Warwick Business School (UK). Unite the UNION had invited him to give a presentation at their Bargaining for Progress seminar in Dublin on 10 May. He also published two articles in the SAGE journal Transfer: European Review of Labour and Research. The full texts are accessible through the publications section.

April:  The call for applications for Doctoral Fellowships within the ERC project Labour Politics & the EU's New Economic Governance Regime closed on 10 April. Ludwig Zurbriggen from the Lucerne School of Business in Switzerland joined as Visiting Fellow.

March:  The ERC Public Launch event took place in the UCD Smurfit School of Business on 13 March. Visiting Fellow Rolle Alho left to return to Helsinki.


November:  Roland Erne (UCD) and James Gross (Cornell University) hosted a joint video conference seminar on Migrant workers' rights on 16 Nov. Roland Erne and Vincenzo Maccarone led the 3-day long field trip to Brussels (Belgium) from 22-24 November. The group was accommodated by the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.

September:  UCD appointed Dr Stavroula Demetriades - Senior Research Manager at Eurofound in Dublin - to the position of Adjunct Professor in HRM and Employment Relations.

June:  We organised a field trip to Eurofound on 13 June and hosted a UCD Jean Monnet Chair Lunchtime Seminar Series on 14/15 June. Rolle Alho from the University of Jyväskylä in Finland joined as Visiting Fellow.


November:  Roland Erne and Vincenzo Maccarone led the 3-day long field trip to Brussels (Belgium) from 16-18 November. The group was accommodated by the Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe.


Autumn semester:  The first class of students of the ILR/UCD Programme enrolled.

UCD and Cornell University launch cooperative programme in Industrial Relations and Human Resources (p. 17)
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